Friday, September 19, 2014

James Henry Aylor family photo - Who's Who?

Family photo of the James Henry Aylor family of Boone County, Kentucky, taken about 1900.

Two years ago, my Aunt gave me this picture she had in her basement.  Neither of us knew at the time who the family was, but I hoped it was that of my great-great-grandfater, James (Jim) Henry Aylor.  After discussing with my cousin John Wichard, we are now certain this is them.

Unfortunately, no one knows the identity of everyone pictured.  Some we do know for sure, and some we were able to name based on age, but there are some we still don't know for sure.  I am hoping that by putting it here on my blog, we can find someone who does know for sure, or who may have some old family pictures that are definitely known, against which we can compare.

If you have some ideas, please email me!

I added the numbers to this copy of the photo for easy identification (the number is above the person's head).  Here are the names, as we know right now:

Name# in PhotoBornDied
James Henry Aylor 1 1843 1919
Roxanna Rice 2 1850 1934
Ezra Lee Aylor 5 1867 1946
Josie Aylor 7 1868 1953
James Wesley "Jim" Aylor 8 1872 1946
Robert R. Aylor 9-10-11 ? 1874 1941
Kenneth Aylor 9-10-11 ? 1875 1961
William Mosby "Will" Aylor 9-10-11 ? 1877 1937
Maude Aylor 12 1878 1973
Bluford Aylor 4 1881 1956
Cora Aylor 13 1884 1975
Paul Aylor 6 1885 1976
Jennifer "Jenny" Aylor 14 1888     
Victor Aylor N/A 1890 1890
Roxanna "Roxie" Aylor 3 1892 1972
Virgil Aylor N/A 1894 1894

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Searching for the Holy Grail...

Over the years I have seen a small number of references to what I consider to be the Holy Grail of Germanna research, especially in Boone County KY: that being the journal of Pastor William Carpenter Jr.

H. Max Lentz, in his work "History of the Lutheran churches in Boone County, Kentucky" refers to the journal on page 14 when he says he has the journal open and mentions (ever so briefly) that Pastor Carpenter made a trip to Boone Co in 1804.

Emma Rouse Lloyd, in her Rouse genealogy "Clasping Hands with Generations Past" states (page 161) that at the time (1932) "the diary of 'Father Carpenter' is now in the possession of Mrs. Hattie De Garmo Campbell of Cincinnati, a great-granddaughter. This diary includes notes from the beginning of his ministry until about 1800."

I am not aware of other mentions of the journal outside of these two. However, rumors of its whereabouts continue to swirl. No names are ever mentioned in connection with its location, but it seems to be back home in Boone County.

I believe this journal's contents are too important to continue to let it lie in a dusty closet somewhere. If you know who owns the journal, please try to discuss with them the importance of making the contents available to researchers. We don't need the journal itself. It would be great just to be able to read a microfilm copy or a re-printed edition. I'm sure an anonymous contribution to the Boone Co Public Library would be much appreciated by the staff and patrons alike.

William Carpenter Jr had a large family with lots of descendants. Let's share this valuable heirloom with all of them.

-Jeff Aylor

Friday, November 20, 2009

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Day the Music Died

On July 15th, 2007, the CRB and SoundExchange were supposed to implement a new, draconian rate/fee structure imposed on Internet Radio stations.

For information see the following links:
RAIN - the Radio and Internet Newsletter
The Save Net Radio coalition

There is a bill before congress to overturn the CRB's new rate structure and implement a flat fee based on revenue, which Southern Fried Country Rock currently does not have. Personally, I like this option!

The RAIN site has info on contacting your Rep & Senator and the details of the bill(s).

Please make the call. It only takes a minute of your time.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Live Eagle Cam

Wanna watch a live streaming webcam of a bald eagle nest on Hornby Island in British Columbia?

Click here for Details of when the eggs were laid, etc.

Live streaming webcam:

Monday, April 03, 2006

PLEASE READ: Welcome Message & Usage Guidelines

After creating this monster, it occurred to me that I should probably post some usage info. Right now my weblog is set up so that anyone can post follow-up comments (click on the COMMENTS link below each entry) to any entry that they choose. And I look forward to reading your feedback once things get rolling. But please, keep your comments clean, as I have a wide array of folks reading my website, from Southern Rockers to Genealogy enthusiasts to my own kids. So I'd appreciate it if we could keep the language under control. Other than that, I don't see a need for a lot of rules. Happy Commenting!